Mt. Pleasant History

Brief General History

In 1804, John Gans moved into Nimishillen Township in Stark County. He was the first elder in the territory and the Nimishillen congregation was organized soon after he arrived. The members met every two weeks in homes or barns. The first Annual Meeting west of the Allegheny Mountains was held in 1822 in the Nimishillen territory. In 1825, the area was divided and the Center Church of the Brethren (Louisville) was organized as a separate congregation.

Nimishillen did not build a meetinghouse until 1856. This was constructed three miles south of Hartville. Services in nearby meeting points were discontinued. Then, in 1868, the territory was divided again resulting in the East Nimishillen, West Nimishillen (Mt. Pleasant), and the (Akron) Springfield congregations.

Henry Browand was the first minister and elder. Members met in homes until 1877, when a meetinghouse was erected at the corner of Pittsburg and Mt. Pleasant roads.

In 1962, the congregation changed its name to Mt. Pleasant Church of the Brethren.

- Drawn from the Brethren Encyclopedia (1983)

History of the Building & Grounds – Penny Radcliff, Historian